The mission of Suited for Success is to empower a diverse community of individuals to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency through career development, training, a network of support, and professional image services.

Our goal for all of our clients is for them to achieve economic self-sufficiency, by way of gainful employment. All of our services point toward empowering our clients and giving them tools to help them succeed. Indirect goals include enhancing stability for clients’ families, reducing unemployment, breaking the cycle of poverty in low-income families, and strengthening communities.

Our programs and services include employment skills training, career development tools and professional image consulting. Read more about Our Programs.


Our vision is a community where no one lives in poverty and everyone has the opportunity, tools, and resources to be self-sufficient.

We envision a community in which individuals who want better for themselves, their families, and their communities are empowered to achieve their goals. We foster individuals to become role models, creating an enduring impact not just on the individual but on their families and communities as well.


Suited for Success’s core values infuse and influence our work at all levels, from program delivery to board governance to donor relations.

Service and commitment

We are committed to our clients and our community, collaborating with others to increase opportunity for all.

Respect for the individual

We respect every individual for who they are and the diverse experiences and viewpoints that they bring to the table. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusivity.


We do all things with dignity, humility, optimism, and care, instilling hope and encouraging others along the way.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, accountability and stewardship.


Founded in 1994, Suited for Success (SFS) was started as a nonprofit to help welfare recipients enter the workforce by providing them with appropriate clothing for interviews and jobs. Over the years, SFS added programs for youth (1998) and men (1999). In 2005, the women’s program of SFS became the 86th affiliate of Dress for Success Worldwide, and is now known as Dress for Success Miami. Experience quickly showed that business clothing is essential, but not sufficient to get and keep jobs. SFS then created tailored workshops on readiness for job interviews, professional image, communication skills, and business etiquette. By enhancing clients’ confidence with real-world skills, SFS increases the value of each donated suit more than a hundredfold. By working hand in hand with over 115 agencies that refer clients, SFS annually reaches thousands in Miami- Dade County.

Since 1999, Suited for Success has served over 25,000 men with job training, clothing, and mentoring to support their job search needs and help them find and secure employment. Each man completes the program ready to meet prospective employers not only looking his best, but radiating the self-confidence needed to get the job.

Suited for Success is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation governed by a volunteer board of directors, with a prestigious men’s advisory board.