Bacardi volunteers lend a helping hand [Video]

This summer, Bacardi volunteers donated their time to help our Vets for Success participants with their resumes and other digital job search training. Hear some of their stories above.

Why I volunteer in the Career Center (and why you should consider it, too)

Why I volunteer in the Career Center (and why you should consider it, too)

When I moved from Dallas to Miami I was looking for a volunteer opportunity where I could utilize my experience in business while making a positive impact in the lives of others. What I wasn’t prepared for was the impact it would make in my own life.

As a volunteer for the Career Center at Dress for Success Miami, I have discovered a sense of passion for connecting with and giving back to those in need. I see clients every week who are passionate about finding a career; they just need some coaching from someone to locate an opportunity. Through connecting with my clients, I find that most of them are not unlike myself and have ended up in their situation through no fault of their own. I realized that in some cases I could easily be in my client’s situation, without a job or way to make a living for my family. The moment I recognized how similar we are, I began to have a true appreciation for the impact that non-profit organizations such as Dress for Success Miami have in other’s lives.

As a career center volunteer I get the pleasure of connecting with several clients each week while helping them create a resume, search for a job, or prepare for an interview. Throughout the process I am able to utilize my professional experience as a hiring manager to assist someone who is passionate about finding a career. I have discovered that volunteering at the career center is not only personally rewarding, but also develops me professionally. As I’ve learned through my own career development, listening, connecting with others, and giving regular feedback helps me become a better leader to my teams. Volunteering at Dress for Success Miami allows me to utilize those same skills to help those needing employment. Each client that visits the career center has a different background of experience, and through listening and connecting with them I am able to search for the career that best suits their needs.

As weeks and months of preparing clients for careers goes by, there is nothing as inspiring as receiving that email or phone call that of my clients has been hired. If you are looking for a looking for a way to make a difference in our community while utilizing your professional experience, please consider the Dress for Success Miami Career Center.

— Susan, Career Center volunteer

Experienced menswear specialist lends his talents to Suited for Success

Experienced menswear specialist lends his talents to Suited for Success

First impressions are everything in the workforce. Emilio Subil, a Menswear Specialist with over 40 years of experience, sees an extreme importance in dressing well to get the job.

He believes that the way you dress shows how you care for yourself. “If employers see that you care about yourself, it shows that you care about the job.”

The Cuban native has seen many people trying to get ahead in today’s market. He has known about the Suited for Success program for a while and began volunteering two months ago. As a personal shoppper, Subil has helped men who are looking for jobs ranging from janitors to stockbrokers. He has been able to give them the confidence needed by fitting them to an entire interview outfit: slacks, dress shirt, tie, jacket, and dress shoes. Subil truly enjoys helping others succeed, and he does just that every week at Suited for Success.

See one recent transformation that Subil helped create:

emilio suit before


emilio suit after