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A common misconception among employers is that the skills learned in the military cannot be applied in the civilian work force. But U.S. Army veteran Philip Ortiz proves otherwise. His service from 1999 to 2003 was not only beneficial to him for personal reasons, but also for career-related ones.

When he originally got his current job, he did not think the skills he learned while deployed would be useful, but he draws on his military    experience daily in his interactions with hotel guests and colleagues. His current position as night auditor at the Hyatt Regency in Coral Gables brings together several of the skills he learned in the military — paying attention to detail, taking initiative, handling pressure — all so he can successfully do bookkeeping work and interact with hotel guests in order to meet their needs.

Another important aspect of his job is the first impression he makes on clients as they check into the hotel. He thanks Suited for Success for giving him the tools necessary to help him do his job.

“In terms of dress code, I have to look my best,” says Ortiz. “Suited for Success gave me nice clothes for the job interview. When I went a second time, they were able to supply me with the outfits I could wear throughout the week since I wear a suit and tie to work everyday.”