Empowering Individuals to Economic Independence and Self-Sufficiency

It’s no secret – we love to empower and celebrate women. Barbara and I founded Suited for Success in 1994 with the mission to help women on welfare reenter the workforce, and while we’ve grown in scope, our dedication to lifting up other women has not flagged, continuing through our Dress for Success Miami women’s program.

We have all sacrificed over the past year, but women bear the brunt of COVID-19-related disruption and displacement. Dress for Success is on the frontlines of getting women back to work and financially stable in the wake of the first global female recession.

Our current situation:

  • Globally, women perform 76.2% of total hours of unpaid care work, more than 3x as much as men, according to the International Labour Organization.
  • By the end of the second quarter of 2020, there were nearly 2x as many women as men outside the labor market.
  • Nearly 70% of women who experienced negative shifts in their routine as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic believe their career progression will slow down.

Dress for Success’s annual Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day campaign, Your Hour, Her Power®, is inspired by the belief that when a woman has access to opportunities that can change her life, she becomes powerful beyond measure.

By giving the equivalent of just one hour of your pay (or another amount of your choosing), you give a Dress for Success woman access to programs, services, and tools that will help her achieve economic advancement.

Together we can lift up the women in our community, for themselves and for their families.

Sonia Jacobson
Founder and Executive Director
Suited for Success / Dress for Success Miami

Upcoming Workshops

Dress for Success Miami and
The Links Incorporated of Greater Miami present

Surviving to Thriving: Building Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

Photo of Dr. Monique DennisIt’s been one year since COVID-19 became part of our everyday vocabulary. Whether to a large degree or small, the stresses and effects of COVID-19 have been wearing at our everyday lives, particularly those of women, who have borne the brunt of the economic and family impact.

Dr. Monique Dennis, positive psychology expert, shares with Dress for Success Miami advice and tools for dealing with life experiences, equipping yourself to meet challenges, managing stress through self-care, and building resilience to get to the other side.

Thursday, March 18, 1–2 p.m.
Register at http://bit.ly/workshop3-18

From the Office

We are open and our suiting program is back in action! Though our dressing rooms remain closed, we are styling our clients safely, thanks to our generous clothing donors.