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5. Polish Your Professional Image

Even in a virtual interview, first impressions count. Check out these simples dos and don’ts to make sure you aren’t giving the wrong impression before you say a word.


  • Dress to impress. Casual clothes project a casual attitude. If an employer doesn’t think you take yourself seriously, they won’t take you seriously either.
  • Avoid the terrible TOOs: Too short, too tight, too low cut.
  • Put your best face forward. Make sure your hair and nails are clean and neat, and keep make-up and perfume to a minimum. You want YOU to shine through.
  • Step it up a notch. Even if a workplace has a casual or business casual dress code for employees, it’s worth it to put an extra effort into the job interview.
  • Make the most of what you have. Ironing out wrinkles and checking for good fit can make even a simple or well-loved piece look top notch
  • Look around you. In a virtual interview, your background (or background noise) also contributes to an employer’s first impression. Is your area neat and quiet, or messy and loud?


  • Too many accessories can be distracting and take attention away from you. Hats are a big no-no.
  • Confuse professional dress with “dressing up.” A job interview is not the time to wear your favorite party dress, flashy shoes, or heavy make-up.
  • Forget your feet. Make sure your shoes are clean, appropriate for the workplace (low heels and closed toed for ladies), and comfortable.


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