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Suited for Success / Dress for Success Miami

Empowering Individuals to Economic Independence and Self-Sufficiency

Our mission is to empower a diverse community of individuals to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency through career development, training, a network of support, and professional image services. Since 1994, we have served over 60,000 individuals in South Florida.

Our programs prepare clients for the requirements of the work world and to ensure that they are able to meet the challenges of seeking employment armed with the self-confidence and knowledge needed to be successful.


  • Employment Skills Training
  • Vets for Success
  • Dress for Success Miami
  • Youth Program
  • Suiting Program and Career Center
  • Mobile Career Center

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2019 by featuring stories from our clients, volunteers, partners, supporters, and more. Read their stories at

Our office is currently closed and our staff is working remotely to transition our programs to virtual platforms. Sign up below for email updates on when our virtual programming will be available.


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